Harpenden Computer Services
Harpenden Computer Services

Our Services

This is by no means a complete list of the services we offer, but gives you a good idea!

  • Complete PC rebuilds.

    We wipe your PC and reinstall Windows from scratch, just as it was when it came out of the box!

  • New Computer Set-ups and installs.

    If you’ve just bought a new PC and want it set up professionally, all your data copied over from your old PC, your Printer and Broadband reinstalled. We can also supply and install any new Computers, Laptops, Printers etc including Apple.

  • Upgrades & Peripherals.

    Any hardware items can be supplied and installed, e.g. Printers, Memory, CD or DVD burners, Flat Panel (TFT) monitors, Larger Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Video Cards, Sound Cards, Routers, Modems in fact anything!

  • Data Recovery.

    Lost all your data when your PC went up in smoke? We can usually recover your data that you thought you had lost.

  • Internet access.

    Wired and wireless modems and broadband setup and configured.

  • Email Configured.

    Email accounts set up and integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or any other Email program you care to use!

  • Computer Training.

    Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, whatever your level we can help you get that little bit more out of your computer.

  • Website design.

    Like this one but also see our list of clients for more details.

  • We can fix it!

    We fix pretty much all types of Desktop, Laptop, Server, Printer, Scanner, Monitor etc. You get the idea!

Special Offer

Full service on your PC or Mac for just £89!*

We'll service your computer system which includes getting the operating system up to date, removal of old and temporary files, cleaning the registry and assessing the system's overall health to get it running smoothly - regardless of the time it takes us.

We collect and drop off for free in the locality.

*Price based on service being carried out in our workshop

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