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As great as the internet is and all the connectively we enjoy, sadly there are people out there who use it for more sinister purposes and can make our lives a misery. Some virus programmes are just for fun, some are to increase advertising revenue and some unfortunately are more sinister and use either blackmail to extort money or techniques to steal from our bank and credit card accounts.

Anti-Virus and Internet Security programmes cannot be 100% relied upon to stop these attacks and they are vulnerable to being overruled by human error even if unintentionally. Many viruses also try to disable the Security programmes which usually has a knock-on effect of stopping things from working on your computer like its internet connection.

We provide a service to detect these rogue programmes and we don’t just use Anti-virus scans to do this. We use our knowledge and expertise to do a complete health check on your system to ensure it is clean and fully operational again.

If the damage is too severe then we can instead provide a recovery service for your data and reinstall your operating system while keeping your data losses to a minimum.

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We’ll service your computer system which includes getting the operating system up to date, removal of old & temporary files, cleaning the registry & assessing the system’s overall health to get it running smoothly – regardless of the time it takes.

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