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Laptop Repairs

Is your Laptop running slow? Doing weird things, turning itself off or maybe it won’t even turn on?

Give us a call now and we’ll get your Laptop back to its best in no time. We can supply and install a wide range of parts that can fix and improve your machine.

If you need your operating system reloading, we can do this for you too. Your system will be wiped and the operating system reinstalled with all the updates. We’ll go as far to putting on the essential software needed to get you going and if you need your data to be backed up and reinstated afterwards, we can do that as well. We’ll also give the machine a physical clean to get rid of the dust build-up inside.

No repair is too big or small for us – whether you have spilt a drink on it, dropped it, we can fix it!

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Full Service on a PC or Mac just

We’ll service your computer system which includes getting the operating system up to date, removal of old & temporary files, cleaning the registry & assessing the system’s overall health to get it running smoothly – regardless of the time it takes.

*Price includes VAT.

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Do you need to stay connected while your system is being repaired or upgraded?

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