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Harpenden Computer Services

Lost all your data when your PC went up in smoke?

Don't Panic!! We can usually recover your data that you thought you had lost.

We can recover data and retrieve information from all kinds of failed data storage media and hard drives whether this is from your laptop, desktop, RAID array, USB memory stick, digital camera SD card or even your iPod!

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery?

Every time you use your computer or laptop, the emails you type, websites you browse, music you download and documents you create will be stored (if saved correctly) on your hard drive. On the next occasion you switch on, these stored items will be accessible to you to use again.

In the event that your hard drive fails or is damaged, however, all of your information will become “invisible” or “lost”. This can be due to many reasons (see below) but is at best inconvenient and at worst, very distressing. To home users, this may mean the loss of precious photographs or coursework and to business owners, entire databases, project work and accounting systems.

Data Recovery is the term given to the process of retrieving data from damaged, failed or corrupted hard drives. The most common scenarios are operating system failure, disk-level failure or accidental or even malicious deletion.

Physical Data Recovery

The most common problems encountered are head crashes and motor failures. It is very important to use a specialist when dealing with a physically-damaged hard drive. If an end-user opens up their hard drive in a normal environment, particles of dust almost invisible to the human eye can settle between the platters and the read/write head, causing further damage and thus hindering the chances of the recovery process. As well as this reason, most end-users do not have the tools or specialist expertise to perform the intricate procedures involved. At Harpenden Computer Services Ltd, we operate to Class 10 Standard, which means that we have Clean Room (completely dust-free) facilities, together with the very latest in recovery equipment.

We are able to carry out repairs to the parts inside the hard drives, using our library of donor drives. If we don’t have the exact make/model in stock, then we source this for you once we have been given your permission to proceed.

As well as the internal parts of the drive, it is sometimes necessary to make repairs or replace parts of the hardware. These parts might be the PCB (printed circuit board) the read/write head stack assembly or indeed, swapping the platters themselves. Rest assured, our engineers are experienced in dealing with all aspects of recoveries and on occasions there may be more than one technique applied to complete the recovery process.

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